EVERYTHING IS ALLOWED · NOTHING IS COMPULSORY Much is possible, nothing is compulsory. 'No means no.'

Dear visitor,

Because we want to create a pleasant atmosphere for ourselves, for the visitors as well as for you, we have created a number of house rules.

  1. It is strictly forbidden to use or trade soft and hard drugs in our business.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse you entrance in the event of drunkenness or if you are under the influence of narcotics.
  3. The entry is €20, it is fully refunded when the amount of consumption exceeds €20. Be careful with alcoholic beverages ... use these in moderation!
  4. In the Champagne Bar, which is located in the cellar, we only serve Champagne by the bottle. Some fifty types of quality champagnes are available for you in this unique setting
  5. Please do not smoke in the public areas. There is a designated smoking area in accordance with Belgian legislation.
  6. The 51 does not give any credit. All accounts must be settled the same day, at the latest when you leave the 51. Any damage caused will also be charged immediately.
  7. We do not tolerate violence against our staff and visitors. In this case, we will call the police at all times. Our building is secured with cameras (except for the themed rooms, of course) and equipped with an alarm button that is directly connected to a control room.
  8. It is forbidden for the staff / visitors to compromise your privacy. Your privacy is very important to us.
  9. Consequently, it is strictly prohibited to take photographs and make video recordings in the 51, unless you have the agreement of the management to do so.
  10. The 51 is not a hotel. There are no hostesses present. There is no possibility to stay overnight.
  11. For the success of your erotic date, your personal hygiene and respectful attitude towards the lady are of great importance. Our staff will inform you if necessary, in accordance with the house rules and agreements.
  12. Everything is possible, but nothing is compulsory, and visitors are allowed to refuse sexual acts at all times. No means no.
  13. Think of the people who come after you, and leave everything clean and tidy in the playrooms and spaces.
  14. If you have or hear any positive and/or negative comments, please pass them on to us.
  15. Animals are not allowed.

When you visit our business, you will be welcomed at the entrance and accompanied by the hostess. Here you can get more information and all your questions will be answered.

Not a bar with hostesses · open 7/7 - from 11am to ...

On behalf of the management team of private club 51 in Menen, we wish you a lot of exciting fun during your stay in our business.

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